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Welcome To McKenzie Lake

Welcome to McKenzie Lake, a prestigious community in Calgary, Alberta, known for its picturesque 43-acre manmade lake, which serves as the heart of this vibrant neighborhood. Residents are treated to a year-round oasis with a sandy beach, a stunning clubhouse, and tennis courts, creating an ideal setting for an active and luxurious lifestyle.

During the summer months, the lake comes alive with various water activities, providing families and individuals with endless recreational opportunities. In the winter, the lake transforms into a winter wonderland, offering skating and tobogganing for residents to enjoy. The 18-acre park surrounding the lake is a haven for nature enthusiasts, boasting meticulously landscaped grounds and a variety of trees that enhance the community’s natural beauty.

Nestled along the ridge overlooking the lake, you’ll find multi-million dollar homes that provide not only breathtaking views of the water but also panoramic vistas of the majestic Rocky Mountains to the west. These upscale, single-family homes epitomize luxury living, catering to those who seek an active lifestyle coupled with the comfort of exquisite amenities.

McKenzie Lake is more than just a community; it’s a destination that dreams are made of for families looking to embrace a high-quality, active lifestyle. With easy access to a diverse range of amenities, including top-notch schools, shopping centers, and recreational facilities, residents enjoy the perfect blend of convenience and luxury.

Whether you’re searching for a serene lakeside retreat or an upscale family home with access to all the best that Calgary has to offer, McKenzie Lake stands as a testament to the harmonious integration of nature, luxury, and community living. Explore the possibilities and make McKenzie Lake your next home—a place where every season brings new opportunities for joy and discovery.

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Location of McKenzie Lake

McKenzie Lake, nestled in the southeastern part of Calgary, Alberta, is an idyllic community that offers a serene lakeside living experience. Easily accessible via Deerfoot Trail or Stoney Trail, McKenzie Lake welcomes residents and visitors alike with its distinctive charm. As you approach the community, the shimmering 43-acre manmade lake becomes a prominent landmark, surrounded by upscale homes and lush greenery. Follow the well-maintained roads to discover the heart of McKenzie Lake, where a sandy beach, clubhouse, and tennis courts provide a central hub for recreational activities. Whether you’re arriving from the city center or nearby neighborhoods, the journey to McKenzie Lake is an invitation to experience a blend of natural beauty, luxury living, and a vibrant community atmosphere

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McKenzie Lake captivates residents with its stunning 43-acre manmade lake, offering a year-round oasis for water activities in the summer and picturesque winter scenes perfect for skating and tobogganing


Some individuals may find that the upscale nature of the community comes with a higher cost of living compared to other areas in Calgary


The upscale, single-family homes that grace the ridge overlooking McKenzie Lake not only provide breathtaking views of the water but also afford residents the luxury of living in a meticulously designed and prestigious community


Commuters may need to consider the distance from the city center, as McKenzie Lake is located in the southeastern part of Calgary


Families seeking an active lifestyle will find an abundance of amenities, including a sandy beach, beautiful clubhouse, and tennis courts, ensuring there’s always something for everyone to enjoy in this vibrant Calgary neighborhood


While the community offers a serene and picturesque setting, those seeking a more urban or bustling lifestyle may feel that McKenzie Lake is too quiet for their preferences


Boasting an 18-acre park adorned with beautiful trees and landscaping, McKenzie Lake embraces nature at its core, creating a peaceful and harmonious environment for residents to unwind and connect with the outdoors


Depending on personal preferences, individuals who prefer a more diverse range of housing options may find the predominantly single-family home landscape limiting


With convenient access to top-notch schools, shopping centers, and recreational facilities, McKenzie Lake offers the perfect blend of convenience and luxury, making it an ideal destination for those who value a high-quality, well-rounded lifestyle


For those who enjoy a more fast-paced lifestyle, the community’s emphasis on a tranquil environment might be seen as a potential drawback

Home Styles In McKenzie Lake

McKenzie Lake offers a diverse range of housing options, catering to various lifestyles and preferences. The predominant housing type in the community is upscale single-family homes, gracefully situated along the ridge overlooking the 43-acre manmade lake, providing residents with breathtaking views. Architecturally diverse and meticulously designed, these homes are a testament to luxury living in a picturesque setting. Additionally, there are some townhomes and condominiums available, offering a more compact yet equally stylish living option. Whether it’s a spacious family home with a view, a cozy townhouse, or a low-maintenance condo, McKenzie Lake provides an array of housing choices, ensuring there’s something for everyone in this sought-after Calgary neighborhood.



McKenzie Lake boasts an array of luxurious homes that define upscale living in Calgary. These multi-million dollar residences, prominently positioned along the ridge overlooking the 43-acre manmade lake, offer a harmonious blend of elegance and functionality. Characterized by sophisticated architecture and meticulous craftsmanship, these homes often feature expansive floor plans, high-end finishes, and panoramic views of both the lake and the majestic Rocky Mountains in the distance. The attention to detail is evident in every aspect, from opulent interiors to professionally landscaped exteriors. With spacious lots and access to exclusive amenities, living in one of McKenzie Lake’s luxury homes is a testament to indulgent comfort and refined living in a community that prioritizes both natural beauty and high-end living.



McKenzie Lake’s single-family homes epitomize upscale living in a picturesque community. Nestled along the ridge overlooking the 43-acre manmade lake, these residences showcase a blend of architectural diversity and meticulous design. Each home is a testament to luxury, offering spacious layouts, high-quality finishes, and stunning views of the lake or the Rocky Mountains. With an emphasis on comfortable family living, these homes often feature well-manicured lawns and outdoor spaces, providing residents with both elegance and practicality. The community’s commitment to a high standard of living is evident in the single-family homes of McKenzie Lake, creating a sought-after neighborhood where families can enjoy both the tranquility of lakeside living and the convenience of upscale amenities



McKenzie Lake’s townhouses offer a compelling living option within this prestigious Calgary community. Designed for those seeking a balance between style and practicality, these townhomes provide a more compact yet sophisticated living space. Typically featuring contemporary architecture and thoughtful layouts, McKenzie Lake’s townhouses offer residents a comfortable and efficient lifestyle. With proximity to the community’s amenities and the serene surroundings of the manmade lake, these townhomes appeal to individuals or families looking for a modern and low-maintenance living experience in one of Calgary’s most desirable neighborhoods.


McKenzie Lake in Calgary, Alberta, is served by a number of schools in the surrounding area. However, school assignments can change, and new institutions may have been established since then. It’s always recommended to check with the local school board or educational authorities for the most up-to-date information.

McKenzie Lake School

  • is an S4 School – Start Smart Stay Safe
  • is a community school, for students residing within the McKenzie Lake community
  • is the overflow school, for families living in the community of New Brighton
  • student transition to Grade 5 to 9 at Mountain Park School

Mountain Park:

Grades 6-9

Some key concepts of their Mission Statement which explain children’s Behavior Policies are respect, high expectations and citizenship. These are cornerstones to how to work together to continually develop and grow as individuals and as a community. 

Cardinal Newman School is a Catholic school located in the McKenzie Lake community of Calgary, Alberta. Situated at 100 Braddock Road SW, Cardinal Newman School provides education for students from kindergarten to Grade 9. The school is part of the Calgary Catholic School District and is committed to offering a faith-based and academically enriching environment for its students. 

Bishop O’Byrne High School is a Catholic high school located in the community of McKenzie Lake in Calgary, Alberta. The school is part of the Calgary Catholic School District and serves students in Grades 10 to 12. Bishop O’Byrne High School is committed to providing a faith-based education that emphasizes academic excellence, personal development, and community involvement. The school offers a range of programs and extracurricular activities to support students in their educational journey. For the most accurate and up-to-date information about Bishop O’Byrne High School, it is recommended to contact the Calgary Catholic School District or visit the school’s official website.

Places of Interest

While McKenzie Lake is primarily a residential community, there are notable places and features that residents and visitors might find of interest. These points of interest contribute to the overall appeal and livability of McKenzie Lake and its surroundings.

The centerpiece of the community, McKenzie Lake itself is a 43-acre manmade lake. Residents can enjoy activities such as swimming, fishing, and boating during the warmer months, while winter brings opportunities for skating and tobogganing

Golf enthusiasts can appreciate the McKenzie Meadows Golf Club, an 18-hole golf course located near McKenzie Lake. This facility provides a scenic and challenging course for golfers of all skill levels.

While technically in the neighboring community of McKenzie Towne, the McKenzie Towne Hall is a community hub where residents often gather for events, meetings, and recreational activities. It’s a focal point for community engagement.

Located nearby, the South Health Campus is a major healthcare facility serving the region. It’s not only a vital service but also an essential part of the community’s infrastructure

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